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About Us


Mtlexs is the first of its kind online marketplace catering to the niche Non-Ferrous Metal Industry trade, providing a complete solution to facilitate easy trade, along with on-the-go latest information about the metals. Mtlexs is a definite step towards eliminating the business pain points of Technology, Marketing and Finance, which enables the industry to attain a future-ready status. 

We have the first mover advantage in this sector and already have a verified database of more than 40000+ registered members. Our portal is technologically advanced and easy to use, which is also scalable to incorporate any new developments.

Mtlexs helps users match the products perfectly; eliminating the 99% garbage results. MtlexsSpot is a fair and impartial marketplace. Its members connect online through a secure and reliable system, increasing efficiency in their businesses as well as reducing costs.

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This portal provides Research and Information related to the Non-Ferrous Metal Industry. We provide information like Live international prices, BME and raw material an finished goods local market rates, tenders, import and export data, technical specifications, demand and supply data, weight calculators and any such information which helps in business decision making. We have collaborated with different associations of the Non-Ferrous metal market like Bombay Metal Exchange, Aluminium Association of India, India Lead and Zinc Development Association, and several international organizations such as Metal Bulletin, CRU, Messe Dusseldorf, and Reed Expo to enable members to take advantage of the services offered by Mtlexs.

We realized early on that from mere matchmaking of buyers and sellers, we needed to progress to 360 degree collaboration with the entire NFM ecosystem. In true spirit of collaboration, we formed alliances with over 25 National and International NFM Associations. We started organizing events for the Non-Ferrous metal industry members providing them an opportunity to meet all their requirements.

This is the e-marketplace of Mtlexs Group. This platform brings the buyers and sellers onto a unique and exclusive online auction market as well as a Continuous Order based market. We cater not only to the primary producers and other prominent manufacturers as well as International Scrap dealers and stockists, but also our main target audience is the SME sector of the industry, which in itself is a huge market.

Mtlexs Spot is a fair and impartial marketplace. Its members connect online through a secure and reliable system, increasing efficiency in their businesses as well as reducing costs. 

As a first mover in this space, MtlexsSpot plans to revolutionize the NFM ecosystem.

Out of 48 million SME’s, about 1.0 million SME Units would be dealing in Non-Ferrous Metal for making products such as handicrafts, decorative products, components, ingots and such.

As of now we are operating out of Mumbai, Indore and Jamnagar.

About Founders

Suneel R Mardia, Founder and CEO, Mtlexs

Mr. Suneel is a visionary with the passion and experience of more than 25 years in Import and Export Trade, Marketing, Business Processes, and Materials Logistics in the Non Ferrous Metal Industry enabling him to capture, understand and move forward with the niche in the industry. His strategic insights, evolving and innovative outlook allow him to drive the business from different perspectives to new heights. 


His commitment to his work and business is constantly reshaping the future of Mtlexs as well as the industry’s epitome. He is a man of vision and exhibits his leadership through his work.

Saloni V Kothari, Founder and COO, Mtlexs

She completed her education with a Masters’ degree in Accountancy and Finance from London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK in 2013. Before pursuing her masters she completed her Chartered Accountancy from Institute of Chartered Accountants of India 

Saloni heads several departments in the company such as Revenue, Business growth strategy, and Implementation, exhibiting her ability to play multifaceted roles. She is a detail and result oriented manager, with an analytical and logical reasoning approach. Saloni displays an ingenuous capability to exceed the expectations of the internal team as well as of the external clients. Coming from a finance background, she holds the niche of the industry standards enabling her to pose as the niche strategy planner for revenue generation.