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Years historical data
Rs./Kg (Mumbai Local Prices)
Copper ArmatureClosed718713710
Copper cathod LME ++Closed806806800
CC Rod LME ++Closed823820818
Copper Cable scrapClosed746744739
Copper shell 40mmClosed768763760
Electrolytic Copper strip 25mmClosed768763760
ACR Copper Coil 3/8Closed828823820
Brass Sheet scrapClosed527527520
Brass Honey scrapClosed485485497
Brass Shell 40mmClosed613609603
Aluminium IngotClosed229229229
Aluminium utensil scrapClosed168168168
Zinc SlabClosed300298290
Lead ingotClosed198200198
Tin SlabClosed242524382388
Nickel CathodClosed240024252413
Currency Rate
US $Closed81.3281.3281.46
Euro €Closed87.9887.8987.95
UK £Closed1.241.231.23
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Table by Visualizer
ACR Copper Coil 3/8827.00831.00831.00829.00824.00
Aluminium Ingot229.00229.00229.00229.00229.00
Aluminium utensil168.00168.00168.00168.00168.00
Brass Honey Scrap485.00490.00485.00485.00482.00
Brass Sheet Scrap530.00531.00532.00531.00530.00
Brass Shell 40mm611.16614.08611.56611.36606.00
CC Rod805.00811.00811.00809.00801.00
Copper Armature717.00721.00721.00719.00714.00
Copper Cable scrap750.00753.00754.00752.00747.00
Copper Cathod792.00799.00798.00796.00796.00
Copper shell 40mm767.00771.00771.00769.00764.00
Electrolytic Copper strip 25mm767.00771.00771.00769.00764.00
Euro €88.7889.8189.5088.7288.72
Lead ingot205.00200.00200.00205.00200.00
Nickel Cathod2,450.002,520.002,433.002,495.002,450.00
Tin Ingot2,450.002,498.002,480.002,445.002,425.00
US $81.8481.9582.0582.3382.33
Zinc Ingot298.00299.00292.00295.00289.00

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