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The metal industry is a complex and dynamic industry that is constantly evolving. Metal companies face a range of challenges, including volatile commodity prices, increasing competition, changing customer demands, and complex regulatory environments. Our Advisory services are meant to help metal companies navigate these challenges and develop effective strategies to grow their business, optimize their operations, and achieve their financial goals.
Mtlexs offers Advisory Services to MSMEs & industry partners. These services range from helping them set up projects in India and Africa, marketing products and services, strategising and executing events and promoting the business.

Project Advisory

With our extensive network of associations and tie-ups across the globe, 36+ years of experience and 45000+ database of the non-ferrous metals industry members we can partner and advise companies that wish to:

  • Export to Africa
  • Import from Africa
  • Set-up project in India
  • Set-up project in Africa
  • Export from India
  • Import into India

Marketing Advisory

Strategize, plan and carry out online and offline marketing campaigns to help sell equipment & metal products in India. We also help our members develop effective branding and communication strategies to reach new customers. You can also make use of our database of 45,000+ members to market your product and reach new target markets.

Financial Advisory

Mtlexs aims to solve the funding problem of MSME vendors with a unique method by tying up with Digital Platforms (with Intelligent Algorithms) to arrange funds for Small & Medium enterprises through Factoring Services within a very short period.

Consultation Advisory

Our Consultation services for metal companies helps them grow multifold. With our insight and support, your business can make informed decisions and mitigate risks.


Mtlexs manages and organises conferences and seminars both virtually as well as on-ground and also helps in promoting the events.

In the last 7 years we have partnered, promoted, organised, and have been barter partners for more than 200+ Metals related Conferences worldwide, including ones organised by BMR, BIR, MRAI, BME and so on along with national level associations like All India Association of Industries and Engineering Export Promotion Council of India. || (ourTradePlatform)

Our USP:

  1.   A well-connected network of manufacturers, suppliers, Indian Exporters/importers, stockists and traders.
  2.   Database of 45000+ email subscribers from the metals industry
  3.   Database of 15,000+ Whatsapp members from the metals industry
  4.   10 National metal associations & their 10,000+ members
Our Advisory Services is a valuable resource for metal companies looking to grow their business, optimize their operations, and achieve their financial goals. Whether a metal company is looking to improve its supply chain management, leverage new technologies, or address other challenges, Mtlexs provides the strategic guidance and support needed to succeed in a complex and dynamic industry.

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