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BMR Press Release – 1st International Virtual Recycling Conference 7th July 2020

The Bureau of Middle East Recycling organized its 1st International Virtual Recycling Conference on 7th July 2020. The conference brought the global recycling fraternity under one platform discussing and deliberating on topics like Middle East Recycling industry, Challenges and Outcome of world recycling, post covid situation of the recycling industry which was covered under 4 major webinars with speakers from all over the world , a 6 hours of online conference thereby BMR creating history and became a trendsetter for the Recycling world.

In these trying times BMR converge around 1100 participants with 3 days of free networking on the single platform. The conference was introduced by the dynamic Host from the UK, the President of BMRA Ms. Susie Burrage, who not only hosted the conference but moderated the panel session too. Mr. Mir Mujtaba, Vice President of BMR introduced the agenda followed by Mr. Nasser Aboura- President of BMR who highlighted about the conference.

The conference ended with vote of thanks from Mr. Muzammil Haji Amin – Secretary General of BMR. Who gracefully thanked each and everyone one from the Speakers, Moderators, to the entire BMR conference committee who had tirelessly worked under the leadership of Mr. Fadi Abboud with the support of BMR President, VP and the Board Members.

A great successful online conference for BMR and expecting more such conferences in the future with interesting topics and issues to be discussed by recycling industry experts and stake holders and Covid 19 did not dampen the spirits of the recycling industry.

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